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Sky of Our Life

I am so bad with this intruducing myself stuff, I cannot even tell you, but... Let's see. 21 years old summergirl from Hungary. Studying history and Japanese -> you can find looooots of Japan related things on my LJ. I usually write in Hungarian, but sometimes in English or Japanese too, or I'm mixing them and you get an original language called 'Eszti cannot really express herself even in her mothertongue' but whatever.

I love lots of things. First of all, my friends. I could do anything for them. Then Japan. I really love Japan. It started with anime, then JE came, and now anime is back. Hand in hand with a new obsession called seiyuu. Mamo & Tatsu & Suwabesan & Kimurakun & Kajikun & Hosoyanii & Daisukekun & Kenchan & Sakuraikun & Suzuken & Kamiyakun & Kishoukun. Besides, I have an illness, it is really serious, called Arashick. Even if I'm concentrating on someting else, they are always here, helping me out of the dark. I really love them, all of them somebody is standing on a special place, though. I love you, Masaki.

Music is my obsession, every kind of it. Deal with it. I also have a lot of husband candidate. Sorry, not sorry, I love men. Deal with this too :D

I love football, and my team is Real Madrid. I know many of you don't like them, but I honestly don't care, please respect me with that you don't say bad things about the team on my lj. :)
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